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C Programming Language


Basic C Programming

Module 01: Variables, Operators, Expressions and Statements

Module 02: Control Statements

Module 03: Functions

Advanced C Programming

Module 04: Arrays, Pointers and Strings

Module 05: Enum, Structures, Unions and Bitfields

Embedded C Programming

Module 06: The C Preprocessor

Module 07: Operations on Bits

Module 08: Embedded Programming Features

Module 09: Library Functions

Module 10: Real Time Projects using Embedded C

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“ This course is a very good start to improve your career in Embedded. Sir explains the topics very well to an extent that even a beginner can understand it. This course helped me to understand techniques for scaling algorithms to real world problems. I highly recommend this course to anyone who are planning to kick start their career in Embedded. Thanks to SenseAct, good job!"

Venkat Ramana

Selected in HCL

“ Taking this course turned out to be the best decision. This course is meant for the people, who love to dig deeper and learn by practically doing things. Fortunately I love to practically implement whatever I learn. I liked the real world examples that were used for more in-depth understanding of each concept.Apart from Machine Learning, I learned to learn myself, which is definitely the most important skill.”


Selected in Robert Bosch

“ What makes this course so unique from other ones is how well sir puts all the complex math behind it into simple terms and connects it with real world applications and his personal experiences in the industry.This makes the course so interesting as well as inspiring and getting job in easily manner in embedded field.”


Selected in Robert Bosch

“ The course was awesome. the faculty was so patient in explaining the concepts in a clear and concise way. Doesn't matter how many times we ask, he explained it without any hesitation. he and his team helped us in many respects. great work team. ”


Selected in Honeywell

“ Faculty explained each and every concept very intuitively, the concepts were made easy but never watered down. There was a good balance between theory and applied aspects of every concept. It didn't take time to grasp the concepts even though I didn't know any of them beforehand. I would suggest anyone who is serious about job in Embedded to take this course.”


Selected in Honeywell

“ This course is the life changing course for me. I am so inspired by mentors to work hard and got convinced my self to do the things that i can never even assume before joining this course. Specially the industrial experience shared by sir is the most inspiring and very very important. I will tell everyone who are looking for job in embedded where you will get solution of each and every doubts. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to sit in front of you and get inspired and learned a lot.”

Vijaya Laxmi

Selected in Honeywell