SenseAct Solutions


Sense the Opportunity & Act in Real-Time


What We Do

Consultancy Services

We provide resource augmentation services and profile searching services to our clients.

Product Development

We had expertize in product development using embedded systems technologies and python.

Trainings & Development

We provide industry oriented trainings and development services in Embedded Systems, Python and BI Tools (Advanced Excel/VBA, Tableau, QlikView).

Embedded Systems

SenseAct Solutions is a one-stop solution provider for embedded product engineering and development. We offer Product engineering services, R&D consultancy services and Training services. We work with our clients to develop complete products, sub-systems or specific modules of the end products, tool-chain selection and training on advanced technologies. Our engineering teams are experts in various state of the art embedded systems tools and technologies. We use state of the art infrastructure to design and develop products.

Domains & Technologies


Install, inspect, test, adjust, or repair avionics equipment, such as radar, radio, navigation, and missile control systems in aircraft or space vehicles. Test and troubleshoot instruments, components, and assemblies, using circuit testers, oscilloscopes, or voltmeters.

Avionics Projects

We Provide Real Time Industry Oriented experience in AeroSpace and Aerospace Domain Industry Standards. We are being experienced in all aircraft project from Government and Private Organizations.

Embedded Systems

SenseAct Solutions accepting all embedded system related projects, also giving industry oriented experience in Embedded Software and Hardware.


We are accepting and Challenging all Python Web development Projects, Python Scripting with AWS Experience, Python For Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We are giving Training on all Python modules with Real Time scenarios with real time projects.


We provided training on the project of highly scalable, reliable architecture based on Amazon Web Services. We accepting and challenging of all Amazon web service based projects.

BI Tools

Our courses will help you make sense of data analytics and derive actionable recommendations. Our courses are designed to teach business analysts, project managers and department or division managers to equip them with the necessary skills for approaching common and complex business data analysis problems, for modeling decisions. We are mainly focus on Advance Excel, VBA, Macros.